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I've got a passport and a plan - Let the journey begin!

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Welcome to McRay Misadventures!

Between family, work, and a home to keep up with, we all stay pretty busy with our day-to-day routines. I'm out to shake up that routine though! This blog will follow my journey to regain control in my life and no longer let life control me. Follow me on our adventures and I'll share my experiences (the good AND the bad!) and prove that we can redefine what a successful mother and business woman can look like. It's time to quit just surviving and start thriving!

My story begins (more or less) in 2019. With three kids and with a new business having just launched the prior year, I was getting a divorce and it felt like my whole world had fallen apart unexpectedly. After nearly two decades working in accounting and finance and having successfully launched three startup businesses all while raising kids, I had been pushing myself to the point of exhaustion for pretty much my entire adult life. After the divorced was finalized, Covid hit, While it was a difficult period for so many, myself included, I finally had a moment to truly process and reflect.. and what I realized was that while I had always considered myself "successful" for the most part, life was just passing me by as I wore myself out trying to meet the expectations of others. I had attained my career goals. I was highly involved in school activities and was on a number of boards both in my kids' school and professionally. And still... something was missing.

The issue was, I had been living to achieve for others and my personal dreams were always pushed aside to that vague "someday". More than that, I realized I had been running on fumes for so long that I wasn't allowing myself to be present when it mattered even though I wanted to be. My mind was always racing with what I needed to do and who needed what from me that day. I was never living fully in the moment to fully appreciate the good times. It was like an epiphany. I now knew I wanted more but when you're so busy in the day to day, when do you have time to figure out how to make that happen??

By God's grace, I met the man who is now my husband in the summer of 2020. Never in a million years did I believe that such a man existed, let alone that he would be ready for me and my three kids but he has loved us with his whole heart from the beginning. I couldn't remember a time where I felt so loved and supported. When our daughter was born in 2022, we agreed that I would stay home with her and transition into a lesser role within my company. It was then that the wheels began to spin for me... With his encouragement, McRay Misadventures was born and the journey officially began.

Final Words

Whether it's once a month or once a quarter, my mission is to travel somewhere new and exciting. To make this dream a reality, I will be continuing my virtual business activities similarly to if I were home and I will be bringing my youngest, currently 13 months old with me on my travels. Sometimes our trips will just be the two of us and other times my husband or my other children may join. For me, I want to put my dreams in motion while proving it is possible to travel and work - even when you have kids (and even by yourself with kids)!

So stay tuned - there's so much more to come soon!

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